In Cubism, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in abstract form.

Instead of having one viewpoint, the artists depicts the subject from a multiple of viewpoints.

I have chosen few  pictures to reference  Noam Chomsky. He is often depicted with books behind him or with microphone during a talk – iften with journalistic style.


chomsky1 noam chomsky, london dec 2002 © chris saunders chomsky3 chomsky4



New Portrait Poster

Our new project in Graphic Design class is to make a portrait of someone famous in cubist style. Our teacher will lead us through the process of design to push us towards becoming a better designer.

For this assignment, we were first asked to pick the subject of the design.

Out of all the famous people I know, I admire Noam Chomsky the most because of my love for philosophy and Sanskrit- as well as programming languages.

Despite the stereotype of intellectuals as cold people who are not emotive, I see Chomsky as someone whose intentions/intellect are in direct alignment with his desires and feelings. From his days of protest of Vietnam War to his rejection of American Imperialism inherent in support of Israel, he continuously speaks out against human rights violations and terrorism that his own government carries out overseas.

He has used his position, his privileges, his talents to continuously speak out in support of the oppressed and marginalized.

There are many words I would associate with this man, and I have not yet picked one to implement for the poster.





Human Rights




I am sure there are others, and I will keep exploring these options.



Slogan Decision

It was decided in class to base the poster on slogan, ” Direct Action Starts Here” to communicate with activists who would recognize the words “Direct Action” as being a rally or protest.

In the graphics in the background will be crowds of people with placards to further clarify that it is a political rally.

The placards will have a Facebook “LIKE” sign to signal that we are talking about Facebook.

The whole design will use facebook colors blue, white , and black to further make obvious that this is about joining facebook.

In the research of slogans for political rallys, common words used were, ” Change, Action, Take charge ” – something to do with taking actions to make changes. There fore, I came to the conclusion to use this slogan.

Facebook Campaign- For or Against?

For our first assignment , we were asked to watch YouTube critique of Facebook and to decide if  I would like to do a poster campaign for joining Facebook.

I have found 6 YouTube with differing opinions:

1. This video argues for negative consequences of Facebook. That  it  has the right to use all your information and that there’s no privacy . The video highlights the fact  Facebook share information to 3rd parties and the government.

Personally, I am not that paranoid about  identity theft and privacy . There are many people on Facebook, and I doubt I am that important to the government.

2. Second consequence might be that  your family and friends might find out things about you that  you didn’t  intend to expose about yourself to. 

This is exemplified by this video where a teenager’s letter whinging about house work was picked up by her father.

I can certainly relate to this as I have many friends with disability and different sexual orientation that might not necessarily want everyone to find out on Facebook.

3.Another argument is that Facebook is in control of what you see, and that it’s main purpose  is  Capitalism and prompts  users to promote themselves by paying Facebook. 

I agree with this to a certain degree. However, it  has been possible for me to ignore all adds and promotion so far on Facebook. My primary use of Facebook has been to stay in touch with my friends all over the world.


Here are more positive aspects of Facebook.

1. This video shows that Facebook keeps you connected to those that matter to you. 


2. This video highlights that you can find new friends with shared interest- no matter how obscure. 


3. This video speaks especially to myself as an activist.  Facebook has been revolutionary in terms of connecting people to do activism. 

In conclusion, I would like to make a campaign for people to join Facebook. The target for this campaign will be for age groups late 20s to 30s that might be interested in activism to reflect  my own interests.The problem faced in Facebook are no different than any other modern day issues facing the society. Despite the capitalistic aims and privacy issues of Facebook, I feel it has been positive force in uniting people to take action.